Saturday, November 30, 2013

'Male Child Abuse Exists' says a Victim

For those who have asked us if boys do get abused, this is for you. Most activists have shied away from this topic, but it's time to shed more light on this. Boys also get raped/sexually abused, but it's not really heard about because it seems abnormal. A grown man has decided to share his own story. Read and be enlightened!

I was the first born of the family of 3 boys and I was the only boy when the incident happened -- my next younger brother was born a year plus later after the incident.

I was around 11-years-old then preparing for my entrance exam into secondary school. I will name her "Aunty S," she is my mum's younger sister. She came to stay with us because she could not continue to the University after her high school, she was registered into a boutique school by my parent.

What she did led to her exit from our family even though I don't understand the gravity then, but my parent's action saved me.

12 YO Boy Raped His Younger Sister After Watching Porn in School

Sex attack: The 12-year-old boy admitted three counts of rape when he appeared before Newport Crown Court

Moral decadence is gradually finding its way into families. Children now practise what they watch on their siblings. According to a research conducted by Middlesex University, exposure to pornography impacts children’s behaviour and attitudes to relationships and sex. This is a case of a 12-year-old, who has been sexually abusing his sister for almost a year.

According to a Dailymail report:
A 12-year-old boy has been sentenced after he tried to re-enact scenes from a porn film he watched on the internet, while in school by raping his younger sister.

The schoolboy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, searched for hardcore films on the internet with a classmate, then went home to practise what he had seen on his younger sister who was under the age of 10.
He shares a bedroom with his younger sister.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Anti-Rape Shorts That Prevents Ladies from Being Raped

Watch the VIDEO HERE

Yaaaayaaa! This is great news! IReportersTV reports that, the creators of a new clothing line have devised yet another means to prevent rape and help women feel safer on the streets.

The new anti rape short called "AR Wear" (anti-rape wear) doesn’t send electric shocks like previous anti rape products, rather it frustrates prospective rapists by making it difficult to remove either by force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep).

My Childhood Sex Play Part 2: The Conclusion

This is the concluding part of our session on "Child Sex Play." If you missed the first part, lucky you, you can read it HERE. We hope you are enlightened and pay adequate attention to your kids, despite your busy schedule. Read more below...

"I do not know exactly how long we played the game but it must have gone on regularly for three/four weeks. I stopped at some point, while they continued. They were eventually caught by a neighbor, who lectured us on our act and did us a favor of not reporting to our parents. We were just children playing a game and no parent would assume that their child learned such things and for that, I would never blame them.

I rarely think about what happened now and even when I do, the memories are quickly overpowered by disbelief, like “Did that really happen?”

Inhumane! 64YO Man, 6 Others Remanded in Prison for Raping a 13YO in #Oyo

How can an elderly man and six other men be arrested and remanded in an Oyo prison following reports that they raped a young girl. Isn't that just inhumane? 
Emmanuel Abiola, 64, Mohammed Sanni, 35; Eze Ndubuisi, 26; Kabiru Mohammed 25; Sakiru Sokoto, 20; Mohammed Sefiu 21 and Mohammed Bashir, 19.

The six men were arraigned in a court sitting in Iyaganku which ordered that they be remanded at the Agodi Prison.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Uganda: Rapists must be Hanged or Castrated says Ugandan Minister

The Ugandan Government is taking a bold step in ending rape. It has been stated that people convicted of rape and defilement in Uganda face the prospect of being castrated or spending the rest of their lives behind bars, were a minister from the East African nation get her way.

Uganda's Minister of Gender Labour and Development, Mary Karooro Okurut and some women activists say rape cases are on the increase and the only way to deter criminals is by castrating them.

My Childhood Sex Plays Part 1: An Anonymous Person Speaks

My family had just moved into the neighbourhood and I was welcomed by my neighbor's kids. Our parents had become friends. Our fathers worked out of town and our mothers were busy working nine-to-fives, they were comforted by the fact that we had each other to play with in their absence.
It’s a memory laced only with innocence.

It was over a decade ago, the details only come back to me in snapshots. It all started few days after our 3rd term long vacation began, I was about six-years-old. I was about six at the time and my neighbours six to eight, we had three boys and three girls. Two of them, a boy and a girl were siblings. The sibling's cousin who was much older had come to spend the holiday with the family, because we rotated playtime at each other's home. It was their turn and so we assembled at their house, their parents were at work. The cousin set up their VCR and played a video he brought with him (I assume he stole from his older brothers). For what must have been a few minutes, we watched two pale-white bodies on the screen, having sex. To be honest, I barely remember my reaction.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lebanese Man Held for Allegedly Defiling over 86 Minors in #Nigeria

Jack Sankary, a lebanese, has been arrested by the police in Akure, the Ondo State capital, for allegedly having carnal knowledge of minors. He was arrested following a tip-off from the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. Sankary was accused of having carnal knowledge of secondary school pupils.

A woman, Patience Godwin (29), who allegedly recruits the girls for Sankary, was also arrested. A source said a 14-year-old girl was found in Sankary’s odopetu home by the police. Patience confessed to the crime, saying she had taken 12-year-old girls to Sankary many times in exchange for money.

My Sexual Assault Story: A Survivor Bares It All!

I didn’t want to write this story after all. How could I even begin to talk about the shameful acts? I grew up in a middle class family, a close knit one and a place where laughter rang out fairly often. I had everything I wanted and grew up to become an avid reader.

The Beginning

The sexual abuse began around the age of seven or eight and even though the ‘uncle’ didn’t go as far as having sex with me, he made me touch him on his private parts and also touched me. Little girl as I was then; I didn’t know what was going on and I was never to tell my mother. Thinking about it I don’t think my mother would have understood how I felt. She would have made me undergo a deliverance session and sent the ‘uncle’ away. The abuses continued till he left and another took his place, this time my cousin and he did exactly the same thing the ‘uncle’ did.

He left and another cousin took his place but this time it was a female, she made me touch her breasts and private parts but never touched me and gave me strict warnings never to mention it to my parents.

Man, 45, Allegedly Rapes 75YO Woman in Ekiti

We brought you this story some weeks back HERE, this is a quick update.

A 45-year-old farmer, Lawrence Adedapo, is now in Police custody for allegedly forcibly having carnal knowledge of a 75-year-old woman, Grace Asaolu, at Ogbese Camp, Ise-Ekiti in Ise-Orun Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

Adedapo was said to have invited the septuagenarian to his house on November 7 this year under the pretex that he brought some plantain from his farm for sale.

The accused was said to have taken advantage of the old woman’s fragile nature, overpowering her before having carnal knowledge of her.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Within Five Months, Sexual Assault Centre Treats 124 Cases in #Lagos


According to Vanguard, a total of 124 victims of sexual assault and domestic violence were attended to in the first five months of operation of the Mirabel Centre for Rape Victims, the first sexual violence and referral centre in Nigeria, located at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos.

Disclosing this, yesterday, in Lagos during the official opening of the centre, Executive Director/Managing Partner, Partnership for Justice, Mrs. Itoro Eze-Anaba, said Oshodi, Mafoluku, Ikeja, Mile 12, Ketu and Ojodu areas of Lagos, were flashpoints for assault and sexual violence because the highest number of incidents reported at the centre, were recorded at these places.

Survey Reveals Almost 3 in 10 Nigerians Claim to Know One Rape Victim

It is alarming that a survey conducted in January by NOI Polls revealed that almost 3 in 10 Nigerians admitted to personally knowing someone who has been a victim of rape; citing stigmatisation as the main reason why many rape cases go unreported. The poll which sampled over 500 Nigerians across the six geo-political zones of the country, also urged the government to create public awareness against rape. These were some of the findings from the latest poll results released by the Abuja-based opinion polling and research organisation.

In the light of the recent rape case in India, which has sparked widespread series of protests against rape across India and further campaigns for women’s rights in several countries, including Nigeria; NOI Polls has sought the opinion of Nigerians regarding the prevalence, and causes, of rape in the country, as well as solutions on how to curb the incidence of rape.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rape: How Society Encourages Rather Than Limits It by Manuel Adesola

As a nation, one of the growing menaces to human co-existence, and at large peaceful relationship is the issue of RAPE. Nigeria as a country is not in isolation to this menace and no single person or family is. If you are not the victim, you will know one; maybe because the victim is a family or a friend. Perhaps maybe not so closely, but on the pages of papers and on tabloids you would read about such cases. Directly or indirectly, every issue of rape affects everyone. The trauma victims go through most times tend to make them unworthy of life. Thus, every potential in them, if care is not taken, tend to remain untapped and underused. Under-utilization of potential isn’t a loss of the victim or her family alone, but also of the entire world. The thought of a possible under-utilization of potentials and loss self dignity by victim becomes so painful knowing that perpetrators are not the serpent we saw in the book of Genesis in the bible, neither are they aliens from outer space, but people like you and I. So rape victims are humans and rape perpetrators are humans; both of whom live within a society. Who then is worthy to comfort a victim since those inflicting pains live in the same society with them and who should bring perpetrators to book?

Today is the International Day for the Elimination against Women

Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Join @UN, @SayNO_Unite and @StandtoEndRape in the fight to End #ViolenceagainstWomen, which is achievable with your support. Join the conversation on twitter by tweeting at us @StandtoEndRape, using the hashtag (End) #ViolenceagainstWomen #16Days and we will retweet. Please spread the message and let's have a different perspective on how we treat women, who are potential mothers. Join us, take a #StandtoEndRape.

Read more about the day HERE

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Video: Don't Be a Victim!

This is a short video by Men Can Stop Rape teaching us that a rapist could be a close friend. They sometimes seem gentle and friendly but ladies out there, please be careful! We hope you have learnt something today.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sex Education: Question of the Day!

My people, please where did she go wrong??? Leave your comments please!

Spousal/Marital Rape: A Call for the Protection of Sexually Abused Women by Benita Esuma

Hello everyone, we started a session on sexually abused women (check HERE), this is the concluding part. We hope after reading this, we will be more enlightened.

Can a husband rape his wife?

In my view, a husband can rape his wife repeatedly without being remorseful of his actions of sexual violence because he (in his rights) is making her perform her “wifely duties”. However, this is not a popularly accepted view. The popular view is that rape cannot exist within marriage. What is your view?? (Comments please)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Robbers Raid a Student Hostel, Rape a Female Student to Coma

The insecurity issue in Nigeria isn't a new phenomenon, but the act of raping after robbery is just a despicable! I mean, after robbing the girl of her valuable possessions, why rape again?

According to reports, a 17-year-old female student of the University of Calabar, "Anna," was raped to a state of coma by armed robbers who raided the hostel she and several other colleagues are living on Tuesday night in Calabar.

The robbers, according to a fair complexioned male student who gave his name as Ngoli, attacked the hostel located at Mount Zion Road/ Inyang Edem Street at about 2am and raped all the female students and carted away all their laptops and cell phones.

Indecent Dressing: What You Should Know by Habiba Olawale

We have been calling for articles; for people to share their thoughts with the rest of world. This is an article written by one of our team mates. Let's know what you think...

Decent dressing of course, is part of human life, because it elicits respect and protects the person’s dignity. While the antonym which is indecent dressing is a social malady that ridicules the person and is likely to shock or irritate people. It exposes parts of the body, usually sexual organs, which normally should be covered. Decent dressing by students/working class/celebrities etc attracts respect from lecturers, guards, classmates, boss, colleagues, fans etc and most importantly can go a long way to protect you from being the target of rape, sexual harassment and scandal. Even though I was well dressed when I was raped, Indecent dressing has adverse effect on a person; it brings hatred, disrespect from people.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#Nigeria: Alarming! 15 Children Defiled by their Fathers, Uncles in Enugu – FIDA Reports

The International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, on today, expressed concern over the increasing rate of defilement of children in Enugu State.

The group said no fewer than 15 children were defiled from July to November this year in the state.

Chairperson of the organization in Enugu State, Nkiru Ugwu-Nwabueze, who disclosed this during its 2013 week with the theme “Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development With Emphasis on the Gains/Challenges”, held at the Filbon Hotel, Enugu, said the children were defiled by those they called uncles and brothers.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#Nigeria: Senators Seek Stringent Punishment for Rapists

I was really excited when I got information that the Senate yesterday advocated for stiffer punishment on perpetrators of sexual assault as the Sexual Offence Bill, which was sponsored by Senator Chris Anyanwu passed the second reading.

This is a great step in the right direction and it's great to see that some senators see the need to enact a law that will deal with sexual violence in Nigeria. In her remarks, senator Anyanwu, said her bill spoke volume of the high rate of immorality in the society and demanded the creation of a unit within the Nigerian Police Force (that will hopefully function) where trained professionals would ensure the preservation of the rights of humanityShe urged the Senate to support the passage of the law to protect women.

Every Man is a Rapist If... And the Misconception Surrounding Sex/Rape by Abimbola Abiola

Last week after I was having a discussion about rape and power someone said that rapists always know that they're raping. Several people pointed out that "rape is never an accident." There was also the suggestion that rapists always know what they're doing- or, to reword it slightly, rapists know that they're rapists- they don't rape without knowing that they're raping. Personally, I'm really not completely convinced of this.

To our male readers, this is an innocuous write up, we don't want you having the wrong, that we're not saying all men are rapists, we're just about shedding more light on some misconceptions and leaving you in the state of wondering "If".

#Nigeria: A Survivor Shares Her Sexual Assault Experience

Rape survivors have different experiences. How it happened to a A isn't the way it will happen to B. Tanya has decided to share her story with us like other survivors have done (check HERE and HERE).

My name is Tanya. I was this "happy go lucky" young lady of 16 when I got married. I had this idea that a rapists looks like a monster. Its not true, they look like the regular man on the street, like your dad, uncle or cousins.

When I was in my second year, I lived off campus with a friend, who was afraid of staying alone. Many other people advised me not to move off camp that it wasn't safe but all the advice fell on deaf ears. I trusted my friend and moved with her. Throughout my 2nd year, my friend's family friend developed a crush on me. It was so bad that my friend became hostile to me but I had nowhere to move as half of the semester was already gone.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Nigeria: Married Man Flogged in an Open Court for Sexually Abusing a Minor

Can someone get me a flight to Abuja right away??? Lol! Seriously, I actually want to go flog those that flogged that man! A married man attempted to rape a MINOR and all they could do was to flog him? What has that got to do with justice? You don't believe me, oyaah see the story below...
A commercial motorcyclist in the Federal Capital Territory has been flogged in open court for attempting to rape an underaged girl.
Gabaduhu Saidu, 22, had the punishment meted out to him yesterday by an Upper Area Court in Abuja.

#Nigeria: Man Remanded for Allegedly Raping a 75YO Woman

Okay, I'm just perplexed! Guys was he going back to say hello to his grandmother in the spirit? I mean what values do men have? Is it out fault as mothers that we didn't train them well or is it the society's fault for allowing such a vice grow tremendously? What do you think? Read more...

The Vanguard reports that an Ado-Ekiti Chief Magistrates’ Court on Monday ordered the remand of a 45-year-old man, Lawrence Adedapo, in prison for alleged rape of a 75-year-old woman.
Chief Magistrate Simeon Ojo, who gave the order in his ruling, decried the alarming cases of rape in the state.

Monday, November 18, 2013

14YO Girl Secretly Films Her Father on Webcam During Sexual Assault

A man accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter for a period of many months has been arrested in the southern French town of Florensac after the 14-year-old girl had the presence of mind to secretly film an attack using a webcam.
The girl, aged 14, used a webcam on her computer to film the abuse, in Florensac, a town in the southern Herault department.

Sex Education Part 2

We started a session on sex education (check HERE) and this is the concluding part. It's important to ensure we are enlightened and have adequate information to educate our little girls. Hope this is helpful.

#8: It is always advisable you go through any new material like cartoons you just bought for them before they start seeing it themselves.

CRUEL: Teenage Girl Raped By Friend's Husband, Then Raped on the Streets, All in One Night

Two men have been arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl in separate incidents in India.

According to the girl, she was raped by her friend's husband, Santosh, 42, when she went to their house on Monday. She said she was locked inside the house and séxually abused.

The 'I had sex with her before I could shout ‘blood of Jesus’ Story: What Has Been Done?

Don't crucify me yet, I know it's old news! But errrmmm seriously, this story has been on a low key ever since! I just thought to refresh our minds on the possibility that nothing is being done about this issue -- typical right!

Remember the story of Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze, the Chairman of All Bishops in Rivers State, who was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl and was paraded by the state Police Command. The Bishop claimed hypnosis in his confession – made before newsmen – adding that a colleague in the Lord set him up at the church where the incident occurred.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teenage Girl Set Ablaze for Resisting Attempted Rape

A teenage girl was allegedly set ablaze by a young man after she resisted his attempt to rape her in Pratapgarh district, India.

According to police sources, the 16-year-old girl was sleeping in her house in Tina village in Lalganj area when the man managed to enter the residence and tried to rape her.

When the girl resisted, the accused sprinkled kerosene oil on her and set her ablaze.

"If You Can't Prevent Rape, You Enjoy It" says Indian Top Police Official

                 Ranjit Sinha

One of India's most senior policemen has been forced to apologise after comparing rape to unlicensed betting which, because it cannot be prevented, should be enjoyed.

Ranjit Sinha, who leads the Central Bureau of Investigation in India, made the remarks during a discussion at a conference on Tuesday night. India is struggling with a wave of violence against women which has prompted widespread debate about social attitudes and has damaged its image overseas.

In December last year, a 23-year-old student died of internal injuries suffered during a gang rape by six men after she boarded a private bus in south Delhi. Four men were sentenced to death for the attack in September at a special fast-track court in the capital. A juvenile has also been convicted. The alleged ringleader of the assault hanged himself in prison.

Lampedusa Boat Tragedy: Migrants; Raped and Tortured

Rescuers carrying coffin of a Lampedusa migrant, 12 Oct 13The tragedy has not stopped migrants boarding unseaworthy boats in the hope of reaching Europe
BBC reports that, people traffickers tortured and raped African migrants whose boat later sank off Lampedusa with the loss of more than 360 lives, Italian police say.

The police have arrested a Somali man on Lampedusa accused of committing crimes with the armed gang.
Most of the victims on 3 October were Eritreans and Somalis. Their fishing boat capsized near Lampedusa, a tiny Italian island off North Africa.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spousal/Marital Rape: A Call for the Protection of Sexually Abused Women by Benita Esuma

The increase in rape and sexual abuse cases is alarming.It is not peculiar to any culture, sect or racerather it isa global problem, more like a disease that has plaguedour communities. This menace needs to be nipped in the bud and eventually eradicated. This crime that has ravaged different societies for a long time and still is. Our young men rape and gang rape women, young ladies and now our underage girls. I wonder if it is a need for sexual gratification or the need to be in control.Is there really any justification for rape? The answer is NO!

Rape is a barbaric act perpetrated by individuals who lack self-control, are rejected by women or arepsychotic. Simply put, rape is the unlawful compelling of a person by physical force, coercion or duress to have sexual intercourse without the person’s consent. It could also occur by obtaining consent fraudulently, by getting the victim drunk or drugged.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Letting Go Story by Habiba Olawale

It's getting hard to fight. I feel defeated. I don't want to break down. I don't want to mess anything up. I want it to feel right to be alright.  I thought that with time, it all was going to get better, it has not. I am so scared.

I have been feeling as if I have been fighting a battle with myself. I have always been a perfectionist in everything I do. I have always carried well, no matter what. I always smile even if I am dying on the inside. I have control over everything, who I trust, who I let into my life and how I want to be treated. No one can control me or my emotions. I control when I cry and how much I cry. No one will ever be allowed to hurt me or make me feel vulnerable ever again, because I have control over my life and who enters into it. Poised, prim and proper, the smile; the many faces of perfection.

Straight from Habiba's Heart

We have been running various inspiring words from our inspiring and brave survivor Habiba Olawale (check HERE). This is another for y'all. Please listen to rape survivors when they need someone to talk to, hug them if they require it. Such acts might seem little but they go a long way in helping them heal. Read more...

It's not normal!

Do you have those conversations with you friends/family who in trying to say the right thing just say the wrong thing. I had a conversation today with one of them after a really tough therapy session and I was explaining how I was feeling, now it's actually not that often that I speak to them about it anymore, I just don't bother and just keep everything for my therapist and today I was reminded why!

#Nigeria: Landlord Defiles Tenant's 10YO Daughter

Rape cases are getting crazier by the day. So we have been reporting cases of father/daughter, uncle/niece and so many others, this is different. It seems landlords now want to join the "league of rapists." This isn't funny anymore. These people have no sense of respect or regard for girls/women. Is it that this man wants to collect his tenancy fee on this girl or what? We just don't understand what is going on. Read more...

We got a report that, a 42-year-old landlord has been arrested by police detectives from Igando Police Station for allegedly defiling a 10-year-old daughter of his tenant, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

The suspect, identified as Taiwo Bakare, who is also an electrician from Oyo State, lured the girl, (name withheld) to his parlour with sweets where he allegedly committed the act.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Talk to Us!

If you have been a victim of rape, date rape, sexual abuse, incest, sexual assault,marital rape, childhood sexual abuse, or molestation please know that you did nothing wrong and you are not to blame. In our online support forums you can share your story, feelings, fears, doubts, and receive support from fellow survivors who are experiencing similar emotions. Here you may speak freely without identifying yourself. At times the path to healing may seem an arduous and somewhat frightening one, but you don't have to go through it alone. By joining After Silence you become part of a community that understands your struggles. We are here to support, listen, and heal together. Follow us on twitter –– @AyodejiOsowobi or for further detail visit or betterstill, send an email to ––

Why Would a Policeman Rape a Two-Year-Old by Azuka Onwuka

Read this from Punch newspaper and thought that we should share it with you. 
The Senate recently discussed the alleged rape of a two-year-old baby girl, Chinwendu Onwudiwe, by a police corporal, Mr. Anthony Onoja, in Mararaba, Nasarawa State. The senators who spoke during that session were not just angry but horrified.
The police had come under attack for allegedly shielding the accused officer from justice several months after the act. But the police spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba, responded that the police were not shielding him, but had sacked him and charged him to court.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

35 YO Man Tears His 11YO Daughter’s Hymen, Destroys Her Vulva & Pelvis During Rape


My people abeg, which kain punishment make we give this man biko? How wicked can a man be? How can one be so ruthless as to destroying one's very own daughter! Really? Please read more and share your thoughts with us. 

The Nigerian Tribune has reported that the Osun State Police Command has arrested a 35-year-old vulcaniser, Ademola Simiyu, of Ile Olode in Ikoyi for allegedly defiling his 11-year-old daughter.

Simiyu, a father of three, allegedly committed the act on Wednesday, October 23, when he woke up the girl at about 12 midnight while she was sleeping with her siblings and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

A Girl Molested at a Tender Age Takes To Twitter & Lays it All Out


To have been raped is enough pain, but worst of all is to be raped by someone you love -- father, brother or even neighbour. This rape survivors takes to twitter to share her experience of being sexually molested at a tender age. Some people have said this is fake, but we thought to share it with you. Will someone go all out just to fake this? Let us know what you think. See more tweets after the cut...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#Nigeria: Woman, 46, Raped and Killed in #Ekiti on Her Way to Church

A middle aged woman has been found dead in Igede Ekiti after being allegedly beaten and raped during the weekend by unknown assailants.
Eunice Titilayo Ogundele, 46, reportedly left home on Friday for a church programme but was accosted by her attackers before she could get to her destination.
Mr. Ogundele reportedly said that close inspection revealed that his wife had also been hit on the head with a pestle.

What Do You Think About Punishing Rapists This Way?


Different people have suggested several punishments rapists should be faced with. Some have said they don't support blood shed, while others have said death by hanging/shooting is the best. What then do you think about this one? It has nothing to do with blood naa! I can't even laugh! Please leave a comment :)

#NIGERIA: Man Rapes, Kills 10YO Cousin

Osun State is now the reigning state with the most rape cases this year. A report just reached us that, a 26-year-old man, Rafiu Idowu, is being detained by the Osun State Police Command for allegedly killing his 10-year-old cousin, Tawa Bilawu, after he allegedly raped her.

Idowu who confessed to have committed the offence, said the victim lured him into raping her when she paid a visit to him at his family residence at Ile-Ogbo in Ayedire Local Government Area of the state.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rape: Your Fault?

For the purpose of this blog, we will be going with the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda’s definition of rape. It defines rape as a physical invasion of a sexual nature committed on a person under circumstances which are coercive. So rape as far this blog is concerned is not only about forced sexual intercourse but about sexual abuse whether penetration is involved or not. It also takes into account the fact that rape may not always be violent.

Dear Raped yet Unashamed and Dignified (RUD), one truth you should realise is that getting raped wasn’t your fault! I hear a lot of people say things like “What if the lady dressed provocatively?” Do animals wear clothes? Aren’t all their ‘goodies’ hanging out for the whole world to see? I am yet to see any animal rape another animal in all my years of existence. A comparison between man and animal may not be the best but I’m just saying: “Can we take a cue from them?” Some others will ask why was the lady where she was at that time. Some others say the lady must have given a sort of come-on to the man. If all these reasons/excuses were valid, then little children or ladies who are well covered up and don’t go to ‘dangerous’ places will never get raped. But that isn’t the case, is it?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Not to Help A Rape/Sexual Assault survivor

Sometimes even the most well-meaning people can say the wrong thing to a victim of rape or sexual assault. It's very hard to know what to say and what not to say.

Here are some tips for what not to do or say to a sexual assault survivor:

–– Don't guilt or pressure your friend into reporting the rape - it is up to his or her discretion whether or not he or she wants to report the rape to the police. You can encourage this, but do not use guilt or pressure as a motivator - your friend is already dealing with a lot of guilt and grief about the rape.

How I was Raped by a Woman -- A Man Tells His Story

This isn't a typical rape story as you are used to. This is rare but it doesn't remove the fact that it does exist. A man has narrated how he was a rape victim. Read more after the cut

I’m not your usual victim, nor was my attacker your usual rapist. I’m one of the 9% of people who get raped who are male. And one of the 1% who was raped by a woman. I was in my early 20s, and talking online to a woman on the internet. We kind of hit it off. I decided to do cross country vacation, and she suggested I stop by, spend a few days to a week at her school, that I could ‘crash’ in her apartment before resuming my trip. That sounded ok, so when the time came, I packed up and started my road trip. In time, I was near her town, so I drove on in, gave her a phone call to get directions on just where in town her apartment was, and drove on over. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

55YO Mother, Drugged & Raped by Her Son in Cameroon

This is one crazy story. Come to think of it, are men delusional? This should enlighten you that rape is by tand no fault of the victim -- indecent dressing. This is the story of a 55-year-old mother, who was raped by her own son.

It all started on the night of the 26th of October 2013 when Aboubacar Yerima, 27 raped his mother Amina Mbieng (55).

#Nigeria: Man Bags Six-Month Imprisonment over Attempted Rape

Can we gladly say our justice system is serving the right punishment to rapists??? Are you satisfied with the justice served? Let us know your thoughts. 

Well reading from the Punch, a Zuba Grade 1 Area Court on Tuesday sentenced Isaac Joseph, 21, of Kaduna State to six-month imprisonment for attempted rape.

Joseph was charged with criminal force, assault, theft and an attempt to commit rape.

Update: The #Indian Assam Rape Festival Isn't Real!

Hello guys, so we reported about the Assam Rape Festival yesterday (check HERE), the report reaching us from IReportersTv is that nothing like that exists. It is said that the online website that reported the story -- NATIONAL REPORT -- faked it. Is it to gain more readers or is it an attack directed at India? That we don't know! Please don't blame us, we were shocked reading the story and were anxious to share it with you. No wonder they were seriously tweeting at our twitter handle (@AyodejiOsowobi) yesterday. Despite all the curses rained on us (lol, we asked for it right?), as good Nigerians, we apologize to all the Indians out there who might have felt hated on. We didn't mean to dishonor your country, we only acted as concerned global citizens. Make una no vex oooohhh! Have a nice weekend y'all and please expect more (credible) posts! Love ya! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nigeria Police Dismiss Officer for Allegedly Raping Two-Year-Old


According to Premium Times, the police force says it’s a self-cleaning institution.
The Nigeria Police Force has frowned at reports that it is shielding the officer who allegedly raped a two-year-old girl, insisting that he had been dismissed from the force.
Anthony Onoja, a police corporal, allegedly raped the toddler at Kabayi, Mararaba in Nasarawa State, a few months ago.

What Does Dressing Have to Do with Rape?


I've found this topic to be a controversial one especially that this is still objective -- every man to his opinion in as much we might consider the answer to be clear.

PS: let me make clear the topic as to whether dressing has to do with rape or one is not about me supporting or dissaproving. This article is centred upon my opinion and advice to youths especially rape survivors.

May I quickly express my understanding of rape and as will be used in this context:
Rape is "any form of unwanted sexual behaviour that is imposed on someone".

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