Saturday, December 7, 2013


This is intended to educate people on who really is the victim in a rape situation. Please read and let us know what you think. This was written by +Nonso Anyasi, a man who has joined us in fighting this menace in #Nigeria. Read more...

We hear stories of young girls being raped every day.
We see pictures of ladies; assaulted, battered and bruised.
Girls, whom a future so bright lay
Cut short by maniacs walking in trousers
Who should be in the zoo; or best without clothes.
‘Cause that’s where they belong- amongst relatives.

You see a girl clothed, and hormones rage.
Your mind plays tricks upon your brain
Your eyes wander on a journey of discovery
Aided by your wild imagination, and assisted by your target
A theory forms, which you quickly discard.
You are after all a gentleman.

You see her again, but you don't see the innocent her
Even in decent clothes
The devil in you rears its ugly head
And urges you to take notice of her perfectly shaped endowments.
Tis so frustrating: to gaze without touching.
Yet so inviting: to taste without wooing.
And you let your desires overcome common sense.

You hear her beg and scream, you see the terror in her eyes
The realisation of a brilliant future cut short stares you in the face.
Yet, you pretend not to notice, till you have had your fill.
Your hands are busy with her body, prying into her innermost recesses.
Her body is busy rejecting you, her spirit cursing you.
Her ancestors are looking down at you with anger in their eyes
Your ancestors are watching with shame so unparalleled.

You finally come to your senses, but it’s too late.
Cherry popped, body defiled, future tarnished
A legacy given freely, one of hate
And innocence lost, forever destroyed.
Or that is what you think- but nay,
So wrong are you in your fallacy
Your actions and judgements are so short tempered.

That which gave you momentary pleasure is your doom undying
Your misery so eternal, it goes beyond this world.
You close your eyes to sleep, but sleep eludes you
You hear the screams which you muffled with your unwanted kisses
The sight of her battered and ravished body haunts you at night
You pray for the dawn to break, so you can make amends.
But that which is done cannot be undone!

You have to bear the consequences of your evil act
The very victim of which has moved on.
The girl you raped transforms to a Madam before your own eyes
While you are left in the wake of her shadow.
It was your future you destroyed, not hers
It was your destiny you tampered, not hers
It was her ancestors who were annoyed, not yours
And it was her spirit that cursed, not yours.

She was a victim before in actuality but a victor in reality.
She mastered the control of her emotions
Suppressed the urge to kill you after the act
But settled to the task of picking up the bits and pieces
All which you never could have achieved, for your intelligence is minimal.
Go back to the zoo, where you came from

Before your nightmare turns to an ultimate reality.

So who is the real victim now?


  1. Anonymous3:12:00 AM

    Honestly Rapist should b killed,kos dey dnt know what dey do to deir victim

    1. Lol! Don't you think that's too harsh? I mean do you support death sentence? Well, we understand your point, the trauma rapists put their victims through is unbearable and they definitely have to pay for their acts. Thanks for your comment, we appreciate your support! Please take time to read other posts on the blog and also spread the word about our work.

  2. We are not advocating for the murder of rapists, we just wish to make it known that rapists are really the victims not those they sexually abused. We need to change the mentality of people and start stigmatizing rapists instead.

  3. Anonymous3:59:00 PM

    Hmmmmmmmm!!! So succinctly put by Nonso!!! Indeed, every woman or girl who has been raped is a SURVIVOR!!!! And the rapist can truly go back to the zoo. If you have been raped or an attempt made to rape you, then I salute your courage! Stay strong sister because truly, you will shine brighter than the coward who thought he could take your shine from you!!
    Nuff Said!!
    Inya Ode

    1. @Inya Ode, thank you so much for standing as a backbone and strength for survivors. Thanks for supporting our work, we appreciate it!

  4. Beautiful and highly revealing. Curse rages upon the rapist indeed!!! Shout out to the Victors!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Please take time out to read other informative and educative articles. Kindly tell more people about our work. We appreciate your support!

  5. Nice piece, I jst think any1 who rapes shld be raped in return. Lmao. Jst kiddn tho rape isn't a laughing thing.

    1. Lol! Ikenna you harsh ooo! Rape isn't something ANYONE would love to experience. Let's all just keep working to ensure that this menace stops. Thanks for your comment, we appreciate your support! Please take time out to read other articles on the blog and also tell people about our work.

  6. Replies
    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Could you kindly explain what you mean by mixed messages? We want to get your perspective here. Thanks!

  7. Anonymous5:21:00 AM

    You can't read this piece without taking a deep breathe. Kudos to Nonso, big shout out to the victors, and a thank you to #StandToEndRape........... But, to the Rapist, you are a shame and a condemned entity, Nemesis is coming.

    1. That deep breathe is well appreciated. It means you understood every line of it, which is our aim. A very big kudos to Nonso and a standing ovation for rape survivors. Thanks for remembering to holla at our team #StandtoEndRape, sure they are elated you did.

      Rapists are scumbags and deserve no place amongst humans.

      Thanks for your comment, we appreciate your support! Please take time out to read other insightful articles on the blog and also tell others about our work. Let's keep spreading the message.

  8. Great piece!
    @Ayodeji, I like the truth of turning the tables cause in actual fact. The rapists are the abnormal individuals who need HELP!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, we are turning the tables to show who really is the victim. Thanks for always taking time to visit our blog, we appreciate your support!



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