Friday, November 8, 2013

Ridiculous! The Assam Rape Festival In #India Has Begun This Week

This isn't only disgusting, it's shameful that a country is setting aside a festival to celebrate men raping women. I mean, in this generation where we are fighting to #EndRape, some people are celebrating the act. They even included an hotline for people who wants to participate. This one pass me, please read more. 

According to the National Report, men in India are already beginning to celebrate as the annual Assam Rape Festival is just days away. Every non-married girl age 7-16 will have the chance to flee to safety or get raped.
Madhuban Ahluwalia who heads up the annual festival told reporters why the event is so important. “This is a long time tradition in Assam dating back thousands of years,” says Ahluwalia. “We rape the evil demons out of the girls, otherwise they will cheat on us and we will be forced to kill them. So it is necessary for everyone.”

The Assam Festival began in 43 BC when Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu raped everyone in his village of Doomdooma. Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu is remembered every year at this event, in fact the trophy given to the man with the most rapes is called “The Baalkrishan”.

24-year-old Harikrishna Majumdar told reporters that he has been training all year for this event. “I’m going to get the most rapes this year. I’ve been practicing all year. I rape my sister and her friends every day. I will be rape superstar number one! I will get the Baalkrishan prize this year for sure!"

12-year-old Jaitashri Majumdar told reporters she almost made it through last year’s festival without getting raped. “I came so close to not getting raped. I almost got to the ‘rape-free-zone’ at the edge of town, but at the last minute 9 men jumped on me and raped me. Luckily I am just recovering now so I can participate in this year’s events, otherwise I would be put to death by stoning.”

34-year-old Brian Barnett from Toronto who is visiting Assam on business told reporters he will be missing the festivities this year. “My company did not tell me anything about a rape festival happening while I was here. Are you serious, a rape festival? I’m getting the f*ck out of this backwards country tonight.”

India is second in reported rapes in the world only behind the United States, though critics are quick to point out that is only because most rapes in India go unreported.


  1. Anonymous9:56:00 AM

    Like seriously are u effing kidding me. That's why they re soooooooo backward mtcheeeeew

  2. Anonymous1:21:00 PM

    u americans dont have a mind this a fake news search google

    1. We aint americans tho.

    2. Anonymous8:28:00 PM

      .the intention of this blog seems good but at least the article that goes into it must be checked of its validity.
      .such articles are very sensitive, which you stereotype people thinks is just a humour.
      .where is the power of social media..?
      .you Americans say you a developed, where are your conscious minds..?
      .we are poor but at least we don't make fun of others stereotype image.

  3. Thanks for correcting him, he seems to be mixing things up! We appreciate you visiting our blog and commenting on it. Please keep visiting our blog and also invite your friends! Stay blessed.

  4. Anonymous5:40:00 PM

    This is a fake news and Assam is far more more develop than you. U ppl are so fool that's why you believe this type of story.

  5. Hello :)

    I did some short research online and this news was actually a hoax. Unfortunately bad stuffs gets spreads around really quickly online like a disease. here's the link --->

    By the way..great blog. have a nice day.



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