Saturday, November 9, 2013

Update: The #Indian Assam Rape Festival Isn't Real!

Hello guys, so we reported about the Assam Rape Festival yesterday (check HERE), the report reaching us from IReportersTv is that nothing like that exists. It is said that the online website that reported the story -- NATIONAL REPORT -- faked it. Is it to gain more readers or is it an attack directed at India? That we don't know! Please don't blame us, we were shocked reading the story and were anxious to share it with you. No wonder they were seriously tweeting at our twitter handle (@AyodejiOsowobi) yesterday. Despite all the curses rained on us (lol, we asked for it right?), as good Nigerians, we apologize to all the Indians out there who might have felt hated on. We didn't mean to dishonor your country, we only acted as concerned global citizens. Make una no vex oooohhh! Have a nice weekend y'all and please expect more (credible) posts! Love ya! 


  1. Rather than starting a new article admitting your mistake, pl. remove the earlier article or put your words there itself..

    1. As a blogger we have apologized not because it was our mistake that an online website faked a story, we only did that because we respect people's feelings about their country. So we decide where to post it or if it should be posted at all. Thank you!

  2. This is a serious matter! So sorry Assam natives. But why would national report publish a false story about the community?



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