Friday, November 8, 2013

Video: Sexually Abused Children in Light of Hope Orphanage Cry Out for Justice!

Please click HERE to watch the video

Children in Light of Hope Orphanage are being sexually abused by the Director of the Orphanage (who they call 'Pastor,' but at this point, we don't care!) Mr Atunde. Two children from the orphanage reported that Mr Atunde had sexually abused them for more than 3 years. The man was arrested and the children taken out of the orphanage. The case is presently in court, but it seems like nothing is being done. Barely two weeks after Project Alert, an organization advocating against violence against women and girls, took the girls in their shelter, the Ogun State government returned the girls back to the (abusive) shelter on some baseless reasons. Mr Tunde, who sexually abuses these girls in his orphanage has been granted bail (by who?) and is now punishing these girls for speaking out. This sexual abuser walks free, while the Ogun State Government Ministry of Women Affairs is quite about the case. Project Alert has asked us to help with creating more awareness about the case and we implore you to help us in this fight for JUSTICE! Please join us in screaming out loud on Facebook, Twitter and in the media to ensure that justice is served. Suggestions on plausible tactics to use will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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