Friday, November 1, 2013

Discussion: What Are the Causes of Rape?

We want to hear from you people. Several people have their opinions as to what the causes of rape are. Please share your own views. What do you think causes rape? 


  1. I realy cant tell, honestly cos der r several reasons why rapist do rape, but i feel sum are dou to the fact dat sum men cant control der sexualy urge, wen d urge comes, dey just wanna lay der manhood on a woman, dey dunt care if its a child or an adult, dey dunt care if d person gets hurt or not, dey just wanna release dat stress and dats why after doin it, dey start feeln guilty and start threatn the victim neva to tell any1 else dey will kill dem, of course, who wanna die, if sum1 can afford to rape u, he can also afford to kill u, the rape alone is anoda form of killn, its very very sad. Dis ma own point of view dou, i feel d inability to control dat tin is why most peeps rape.

  2. The causes-Dominance, anger,hate, power and a need to control drives a man to has nothing to do with females flirting,tight clothing and drunk girls. Frequently we hear about stories of little girls having their innocence stolen and older responsible women getting raped .I do believe that any man driven by this causes is mentally unbalanced. No victim of rape "asked" for it.

  3. The causes- dominance, anger, hate, power and a need to control drives a man to rape hence it has nothing to do with females flirting, tight clothing and girls getting drunk. If it were,why does little girls and responsible older women fall victims?I truly think any man rapist already has the causes programmed in is mind. I see men driven by this causes to rape as mentally Unbalnced..No victim of rape ever asked for it.



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