Friday, October 18, 2013

Share Your Story with Us!

Hello everyone. Thanks for your support! If you are a rape survivor or if you know anyone who is, please share your/their story with us. We want to use your survival story to inspire others. We promise to be discreet if you need us to; we don't mind changing your name, location of incidence and other vital information. Please feel safe with us, we have your interest at heart always. Send your stories to We will be waiting to hear from you. 

Much love from all of us at Stand to End Rape/STER.


  1. Anonymous8:19:00 AM

    How do I follow you? Ify

    1. The second box on the right sidebar of the blog says "Join this site." Please click on it and log in with your email and you can be a follower. If you need help with it, please send me an email to and we will be more than willing to help. You can also follow me on twitter and add me on Google+.

      Thanks for your interest in our work.



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