Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#Nigeria –– 39YO Bricklayer Rapes Daughter

Not again! Just recently, we posted about a man having carnal knowledge of his daughters (see the story here), this is another recent case of a man raping his own child? I thought fathers ought to protect their daughters from sexual assaults, why are they the ones now caught in the act? Fathers, don't you have a conscience and the fear of God? This is a call to all the fathers out there, please stop this act and to all the young chaps (the soon to be fathers), please for God sakes be disciplined and have the fear of God. 

A 39-year-old bricklayer has been arrested at Ajah area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria for allegedly raping his 14-year-old daughter several times.

The suspect, Olanrewaju Wasiu, who lives at Awoyaya in Ajah was arrested by officials of the Office of Youth and Social Development, an arm of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development.

The suspect was brought to the taskforce office by the officials of the state government to be kept in their custody and arraigned in court later Wednesday.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the suspect allegedly raped his 14-year-old daughter (name withheld) twice a week and threatened to kill her if she confided in anyone about the illicit sexual act.

The girl was said to have confessed to the taskforce officials that her father had sex with her twice a week.

She further alleged that her father beats her mercilessly any time she refused to have sex with him.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the girl disclosed the illicit acts to her school authorities, when they summoned her to the office to enquire about her plight when a teacher saw her crying in the school.

She confided in them that her father had been sleeping with her as well as maltreating her.

The school authorities reported the case to the state government, which led to Wasiu’s arrest, while the little girl remains in government’s custody.

When contacted, Taskforce chairman, Bayo Sulaiman, confirmed the incident and disclosed that Wasiu would be charged to court Wednesday.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS, Wasiu admitted that he raped his daughter but only did it on two occasions.

According to him, “I did not know what came over me. It is not my fault. I don’t know how it happened. It is the devil’s work. I only slept with her twice and twice weekly.”

He alleged that his daughter tempted him by always sitting on his lap and demanding for fun with him, which was why he carried out the act.

“I beat her because she stole my money. They should forgive me,” he said, adding that he had the girl through illicit relationship and that he never married her mother.

Edited and sourced from: Nigeria News


  1. I dunt nid to be a magician to tell u dis man nids help, he's mentaly down. From his statement its obvious dis ill act didnt start in a day, it emanated from sumwhere, he's bin in the act for long, its now part of him, a habit, or an addiction, he's bin on it for long and i guess he must hav started it wit the child's mum and since d mum is no longer der, he's nw passn it onto d child. No man wit the fear of God will do such to an innocent child, not to talk of his own blood. Dats to show his high level of illiteracy and ignorance. Dis kind of individuals, puttin then in police custody wunt solve anytin...honestly, it wunt change anytin...whats the point correctn evil wit a wrong procedure. I feel wat he nid ryt nw is a serious rehabilitation and enlightenment, let him knw the effects of wat he has done, not just to his daughter alone but to his own life as well. I feel, in as much as rehabilitation is given, a hard labour shuld also be given to him, so he can see and feel the pains, trauma, heartbreak, tearz and agony the daughter is facing. Its a pity realy and i feel sorry for the poor girl

  2. Hmmmmm... Can we always say these men are ignorant every time they rape a child? Should illiteracy be be used as a excuse for a man that doesn't know the difference between his own blood and a full grown woman?
    Thanks for sharing your point of view. We appreciate your support towards our blog. Please visiting our blog and let your comments keep rolling in.

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  4. Yea.........see! Some of this people are so ignorant of the fact that their victims are human beings with feelnz you know, so it doesnt boda dem if dey are blood related, family members, little kids or not. They just wanna satisfy dat sexual urge, ignorance...... Its just like masturbation, wen dat urge comes, you just wanna masturbate, to release dat urge, being ignorant of the side effects and the harm you are causin ursef. Dats ma point, so the same tin goes to all dis peeps dat go about commitin one rape crime or d oda.. Its sad dou. Very sad

  5. Wow! Thank you for expatiating on your initial comment. We hope our readers have a clear understanding of your perspective an argument. Thanks for your comment once again. We appreciate it.

  6. He's a pedophile & deserves no mercy cos he has destroyed her dignity as a woman & traumatized her future. There are many still out there & their sins shall find them all out. I plead wit any who is or has been a victim of such to please summon courage to confide in someone

  7. Thank you for your comment. We hope rape survivors have the courage like this young girl to speak out. We need to hear from them so justice can be brought on the perpetrators. Thanks for supporting our work. Please keep visiting our blog, promote us and keep your comments coming. We appreciate your support!



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