Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Should Fighting Back to Avoid Rape Equal Death Sentence?

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20-year-old, Aslan was found burnt in a riverbed in the city of Mersin in Turkey. The psychology student was kidnapped on her way home on Wednesday and the driver attempted to rape her. She reportedly fought him off with pepper spray, but was then stabbed to death and also hit on the head with an iron pipe and that was how Aslan died -- not for probably committing an offence against anyone, but for simply saying no.

We are in a society where people, predominantly women have become prey and can be consumed by these predators anytime, anyday, anywhere. People need to understand that there is need for consent always.

"Yes, let's do this".

"No, let's not do this".

It's very necessary. One can only hope that people would grow to understand the necessity of consent. I'm tempted to ask "Do you enjoy sex when all you hear is screaming and wailing from the other party?" I don't want to think of this. Let's be more human.

Let's respect other people.

Consent is key always. This cannot be overemphasized.


We join the women of Istanbul who have held protests so far to express their anger to take a stand to end rape.

Enough is enough. This violence should stop. Let's be more aware and sensitive towards the yearnings of other people.

Join the movement today. Take a stand to end rape.

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  1. Precisely why you must learn how to kick-their-ass when you're on the ground. Don't ever be scared; don't ever shut your eyes; and don't EVER turn and face down. That's a no-no. He's prooo'bly more scared than you if he does a violent act, so just lead him along calmly then kick him hard to the bawls ...poke his eyes-out, too. There should be ABSOLUTELY no violence against women: they're the absolute life givers, yet, some animals have a passion for their demise -Sensei Owen (aka Kold_Kadavr_flatliner)



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