Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Keep Your Virginity As a Lady Until Marriage

I do understand the fact that it has become more and more difficult for a girl to keep her virginity till marriage in this era and the blame should go to parents, society and most importantly, the modern media.
Our fashion today encourages indecency- exposure of the breast, buttocks, and in fact everything unmentionable, and if a girl isn’t dressed that way, she is regarded as not been trendy, classy or sexy; not elegant, not civilized, not modern, not fashionable, not exposed, not enlightened, not happening, and in most cases seen as bushy and dull. The world of today now celebrate waywardness, immorality, indecency and stupidity more than uprightness and decency.

Another problem we encounter everyday is that of Rape. Young girls are raped, teenagers are raped, kids are raped and even babies now. What is happening to our men? We must not only focus on helping our daughters avoid rape but also teaching our sons not to rape.

The entertainment industry also shares in the blame. Music artistes who sing good songs end up paupers while those who sing immoral songs and dance around with naked girls get heavily paid and end up becoming consumer products brand ambassadors with multiple advert endorsements and signings while the good singers wallow in abject poverty.

I understand that the pressure to remain a virgin till marriage has become even higher for girls in this age, but you can still make it if you desire to and make up your mind to keep your virginity till marriage regardless of what is happening around you. How?

1. Choose the right boyfriend or fiancĂ©e: you cannot embark on this journey alone, and I know that it would be practically impossible to avoid dating, so I advice you choose the right guy who also believes strongly in no-sex till marriage, else, you may fall. Honestly, we can never be 100% correct in our choices all the time hence you need to be prayerful also. Date someone who truly loves, appreciates and values you. If he doesn't believe in no sex till marriage you educate him on your reasons and he may well agree with you. If he doesn't, you are free to move ahead without him to someone who appreciates your values.

2. You need a divine guide to stay virgin till marriage: You need to be religiously strong to hang on because sometimes you might feel down, so you need that divine grace to help you stand.

3. Avoid wild parties, or youth parties: Any party that will lead to hanging out for the night or for long should be avoided, yes.

4. Avoid alcohol and hard drugs: Alcohol and hard drug (cocaine, marijuana, heroine, etc) lowers human self-control and most times increases libido and the urge for immorality, so avoid them by all means, of course you can live without drinking.

5. Avoid indecent dressing and all forms of provocative wears: If you dress provocative and still wish to remain virgin is as dangerous as playing with a wild lion and still hope not to be devoured. Look great and trendy but be decent as you possibly can.

6. Choose your friends: Hanging out with the wrong females friends may lure you into having sex, so be careful.

Note: If you have lost your virginity already by Rape, pre-marital sex or whatever the case may be, please don’t feel bad. It is nothing to worry about because you can still be a virgin again and quit sex outside marriage. To quit pre-marital sex, follow the steps below:

1. Make a decision today that you won’t have pre-marital sex again

2. Inform your boyfriend (if you are in a relationship) and if he refuses to embark on the journey of no more sex till marriage, call it quits.

3. Set a target and start gradually- one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month, 3 months, 1 year, etc until your prince charming comes.

Thank you Kayla Chanai for this beautiful piece.

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