Monday, September 9, 2013

5-year-old girl survives brutal abuse. A family searches for help.

Yulisa, a Yemeni, was brave enough to point to the one who sexually abused her, beat her and left her for dead. Police arrested the man but Luis, her farher, lost hope of fighting the case as they had no money to prosecute the rapist. Yulisa's mother then found out about IJM -- International Justice Mission -- Bolivia, the help they needed. "Without IJM's help, we wouldn't have found justice," Luis says. "It's what we were hoping for." With the testimonies from Yulisa and evidence from IJM, the court found the the abuser guilty and sentenced him to ten years in prison. Yulisa is healing and is safe with IJM

You can stand with little girls like Yulisa. Please send any information you have on sexual abuse to us and we will forward it to IJM to help defend these children and help their families seek justice.

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