Monday, February 10, 2014

This is My Story

Hello everyone, sorry I have been quiet on the blog (tooo many things to do, e mabinu!) Someone recently sent her story to me and I felt it's worth sharing. I hope every reader learns one or two things from this. It's high time our university students learn to take note of certain signs, inroder not to fall victims. Please read, share and also drop your comments. Your comments keeps me going :).
Read more below...

It was a Sunday night. We were all going for a pool party: me and two of my friends. We had to do last minute shopping for bikinis which took all the time so we missed the party. We were so pissed and decided to go have drinks with friends. On getting there, they were all in the karaoke groove. We joined in and had loads of fun. 

The guy my friends were with seemed very interested in the 3 of us because we seemed to be having all the fun. We kept dancing and he kept promising to buy us stuff. (we were just in 100 level). 

We were so excited!!!

It was time to go home, he offered to take us home. One thing led to another, we ended up in his house in Maitama. The house was lovely everything was in it! My spirit wasn't OK with us been there but 5 hours to day break, what's the worst that could happen?
He called my friend aside to speak with her and show her around the house. When they were done, she told me he wanted to see me and that he promised to just talk to me. I didn't like the idea but I had no choice I was in his house already. Getting into his room, he came out with a white robe acting all nice. I said to myself 'in 15 mins I'm out of HERE. ' 

He started asking me personal question about my parents, school and boyfriends. It started getting awkward so I asked to leave the room. Then he asked for a massage. I refused. He then offered me 200,000 to just massage him. Then I got scared. I insisted to go back to my friends, he didn't let me step out the room. 

Finally he asked for a hug...

After that hug, I found myself struggling for my life. I kept screaming, no one came to my rescue.
My friends heard but too scared to take action.

He threatened to kill me and my friends if I didn't answer him. So I agreed to sleep with him. Immediately he entered me and found out I wasn't a virgin, he beat me. I had bruises all over. When he was done, he told me to dress up, by then I couldn't feel my body anymore.
I got back to the room where my friends were and all I could do was cry. I didn't have anyone to call because I felt I brought it upon myself.

The next morning he told his driver to drop us at school and gave us a cheque of 50,000 to cash it unfailingly, if not, he would find me again.

Yes, I cashed the cheque and shared the money with my friends. 

As for the Man, I see him all the time. I'm all grown now so he won't recognize me.

That's my story.


  1. Anonymous4:26:00 AM

    Never go places with strangers. Rule one of 5 year olds. It happens. Stay strong and continue to teach others.

  2. Anonymous6:39:00 AM

    Well, I'm glad she's still alive and has got this experience to share with us. This should serve as a great warning to us all, male and female alike. Thanks Ayodeji for sharing as well.

  3. Anonymous1:57:00 AM

    There's something wrong with this story. How can a girl who was raped gladly collect money? 2. The money was also shared with her friends despite the fact that they heard her screaming and kept quiet? 3. Was this incident a set up? Somethings just don't add in this story...

  4. Please ignore the anonymous and seek help: psychiatrists and psychologists. I wish you so much strength. For your friends not to have done anything...



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